A division of Bellpepper Animation, with a focus to create or acquire intellectual properties (IP) and manage them to derive the maximum economic value by ensuring product development of the IP through various channels of content distribution.

The team at Bellpepper is always scouting for great concepts; ideas and stories that have the potential to become successful CGI animated products through all channels of content distribution. The division also works on protecting, sharing and enhancing the economic value of all intellectual properties being developed in Bellpepper Animation.

What is an Entertainment Franchise?

An "entertainment franchise" is an intellectual property, which can create substantial revenues from at least five different and non-related sources of revenue creation, such as

• Publishing
• Motion Picture Distribution
• Television Broadcast
• Home Video Sales
• Audio Product Sales
• Licensing
• Spin-off Products
• Merchandising
• Ancillary Products
• Segmented Usage

Each of these areas of revenue creation are "renewable" financial resources for "entertainment franchises". The life expectancy of a "franchise" will be at least seven years and upwards to perpetuity.

We seek new ideas, concepts from storytellers, artists and directors or anybody on this planet who thinks they have a story to tell which can be a great CGI animated product, whether a movie or a video game. Kindly email at ip@bellpepperanimation.com for sharing your vision.

We also seek partnerships from other content developers, content aggregators and content distributors where we can collaborate to jointly develop products for the worldwide entertainment. Kindly email at partner@bellpepperanimation.com for a proposal or a meeting/telecon.