Over the past 2 years since Mr. Pepper popped into the world of men great things have happened. His spicy, gregarious nature has ensured that he is always making friends. All the 80 families of Tronjis, demons, princes and super heroes - from ancient tales, from our world and from the worlds beyond; have enthusiastically joined his growing batch of fun.

This happy gang has fought, laughed, danced, cried, swam, flown, exploded and done loads of other cool stuff. They have entertained the world, collected awards and top spots in channel ratings and of course, they have had tonnes of fun. But make no mistake, for Mr. Pepper - their undisputed chief - the ride has just begun...

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This film is a story of an innocent pencil, a blank, naive sheet of paper and a magical mind.

Together the three create a unique life-form The Bellpepper - a little guy who is the quintessential Indian Musician, Warrior and Dancer. But who still belongs to the whole world.

Descended to the world of men, c'est The Bellpepper...
This film is The Start of The Beginning...

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A folk tale from the land of Bengal comes to life in hard contrast as a computerized 2d animated film.

Once upon a time, a king had two sons. One from his human wife and another from his demon one. The brothers grow inseparable. One fateful night, the demon queen kidnaps them both and eats them. Immediately thereafter, she regurgitates two eggs. A farmer finds the eggs and the princes therein. The princes wow to rid the land of demons and avenge the injustice done to them and their people. They hunt down their demon grandmother and retrieve a casket containing a male and a female wasp which are said to be the lifelines of the demon hordes everywhere. Thus by killing the wasps they destroy all demon kind and restore balance to the world.

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