Our Core Animation Services

Animation from concept to completion. We offer the entire spectrum of animation services. We can take your story, script, idea, or pitch and turn it into a finished and polished animated production. 3D Animation production has many steps and stages which include storyboards, animatics, 3-D Modeling, texturing, rigging, animating, lighting, rendering, compositing, sound design, voice over's etc. Your project will determine the steps needed to achieve your goals. Example Projects: Video game trailers and cinematics, direct to video DVD, TV spots, animated pitches, etc.

2D Conceptual Development, Storyboards and Animatics: Are you unsure as to what your character or imagery should look like? Would you like to see your story told through storyboards, or simple animatics? We can help you here and we have many creative ways to achieve the look you are after in a variety of styles and formats.

3-D models, 3-D art assets, and 3-D illustrations. Do you have a single character you would like animated? Or how about a realistic car? We offer modeling and texturing of characters, props, environments etc. The complexity of the characters or objects you ask us to create, will determine how long production will take and how much it will cost.

Animation, Animatics, Application of motion capture, and rigging individual assets

Special FX (Including but not limited to: worm holes, explosions, sparks, dust, water, lightning bolts, dizzy stars etc) The complexity of the Special FX, will determine how long production will take and how much it will cost. After we review your project specifications, we can generally provide a fixed or flat rate.

For enquires write to sales@bellpepperanimation.com