Bellpepper Animation is a shared passion - a compulsive force fusing art, cinema and technology. It is driven by the fervent enthusiasm, rich experience and prolific flow of talent of the Peppers of our team.

In the world of animation, one's imagination is the only limit. Everything else is possible. At Bellpepper we constantly redefine and erase our boundaries. Our oriental stories, characters and art forms, fuse effortlessly with the western style of story telling in complete relevance to contemporary lifestyle. We tease technology to achieve the impossible, creating unique products that are entertaining and surprising.

CGI Animated movies
Our specialized and state-of-the-art computer graphics imagery (CGI) and key frame character animation create experiences that our audience can actually live and feel along with our characters.

Next Generation PC-Console Games
The fusion of artificial intelligence, gaming engine technology and cutting edge computer graphics help us create video games across all genres - games that are entertaining, exciting and hair raising to redefine the ultimate gaming experience.

Comic Books and Art
Graphic Novels and Comic Strips aimed at firing readers' imagination while taking them on an intellectual and entertaining joyride through a wealth of characters, worlds and concepts that have never been explored before.